The Witness Rooms is Neil Landstrumm’s studio   in Edinburgh. The room was used as theFrench consulate in the late 19thC and bares all the hallmarks of its heritage with fine plaster cornices and custom woodwork. The studio is built round a collection of rare, analogue synthesizers and drum machines with a selection high-end outboard  and mastering units for the processing and tracking path. A MIDAS venice 24 mixer is the studio’s heart with Logic + Motu 828  used as the DAW of choice for multi-channel recording.

Roland Jupiter 8
Roland Jupiter 6
Sequential Circuits Pro_One
Roland SH-101
Yamaha DX_200
Elektron Monomachine MrkII
Elektron Octatrack
Elektron Machinedrum
Dave Smith Evolver
Roland Tr-808
Roland Tr-909
Yamaha DX_100
Crane Song STC-1
Thermionic Culture Rooster
Really Nice Levelling Amplifier
Really Nice Compressor
Ensoniq DP-4+
Blue Sky 2.1 Monitoring System