“The mighty Jupiter-6 is my favourite synth. Unique in sonic character and provides many of the cutting acid, subs, bleeps and sci-fi textures of the LP. Bought from a dodgy Edinburgh Pawn shop on Leith Walk called Bostons in 1994 (whose owner soon after mysteriously vanished) with a loan from the ever helpful Raz. The 6 has been with me right from the start of my Peacefrog era. I think it’s the combination of band pass filter, self oscillation, detuneable chunky OSCs and weird LFO / modulation possibilities that make this synth so strong, warm and thick sounding. It many ways it’s more versatile than the Jupiter 8. It’s slightly broken after a forklift truck pierced its flightcase when moving to New York but that just adds to the fuzz and its very basic Midi (Roland’s first) means it’s somewhat unpredictable. Rubbish midi leads to strange patterns with strange, odd timing. Add my sausage fingers keyboard skills in there and you have a wild funk generator.”