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Neil Landstrumm Discography

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Neil Landstrumm
Sugar Experiment Station (Neil Landstrumm & Tobias Schmidt)
Polaris  (Neil Landstrumm on Sonic Groove Records)
Navario Sauro (Neil Landstrumm on Scandinavia Records)
Blue Arsed Fly (Neil Landstrumm / Cristian Vogel)
Doubleheart   (Neil Landstrumm / J D Twitch )
Shit & Cheap (Neil Landstrumm & Mat Consume)
GUTTS  (Neil Landstrumm / Hostage)
Youngman / Landstrumm (Bill Youngman) [destroyers]


Blue Arsed Fly          Starfish / Responder EP       Sativae Records


Neil Landstrumm    Paskal EP –                               Mosquito Records

Neil Landstrumm    Index Man EP –                        Peacefrog Records

Neil Landstrumm    Mcap EP-                                  Peacefrog Records

Neil Landstrumm   Brown By August LP               Peacefrog Records

Blue Arsed Fly        In The Bag EP                          Ferox Records

Cristian Vogel        Absolute Time LP                     Tresor Records        (Comes track co-produced)

Tobias Schmidt     Occupation EP                           Sativa eRecords      (Take Thatt track co-produced)


Neil Landstrumm   Inhabit The Machines EP         Peacefrog Records

Neil Landstrumm   Understanding Disinformation  LP   Tresor Records

Neil Landstrumm   Praline Horse EP                                  Tresor Records

Neil Landstrumm / Tobias Schmidt    Split EP        Sativae Records

Nico                          Darkstar (Neil Landstrumm remix)     Missile Records

Adam X / Navario Sauro     Scan001 EP                 Scandinavia Records

Polaris                    The Encryption Factor EP         Sonic Groove Records

Sugar Experiment Station Ultimthule EP                Scandinavia Records

Blue Arsed Fly      Blue Arse EP                               Mosquito Records


Navario Sauro     World Rallying EP                       Scandinavia Records

Neil Landstrumm   Bedrooms and Cities LP         Tresor Records

Neil Landstrumm   Mockba EP                                Sativae Record

GF- LCD Matrix Booster (Neil Landstrumm remix)   KK Trax

Neil Landstrumm    Scandinavia Sessions EP     Tresor Records

Polaris                     Spread The Wb EP                  Sonic Groove Records

Sugar Experiment Station  Ultramonotone  EP    Scandinavia

Blue Arsed Fly       Knackered EP                           Tresor


Neil Landstrumm   Pro Audio LP                             Tresor Records

Neil LAndstrumm   Pro-X-e$$ EP                            Scandinavia Records

Cygnet Committee In Rio EP (Neil Landstrumm remix)   Dancecop Records

DJ Slip                     Broken Cake EP (Neil Landstrumm Remix)  Missile Records

Si Begg / Blue Arsed Fly   Untitled  10″                  Mosquito Records


Neil Landstrumm  Defiantly Dated EP                   Sativae Records

Super_Collider     It Won’t Be Long (Neil Landstrumm remix)  Loaded Records

Neil Landstrumm Mutant on the F track on Where The Fuck is Mr Million? LP    Trash Records


Christian Morgenstern- Death Before Disko ep ‘Forte’ Neil Landstrumm remix Forte Records


Neil Landstrumm  She Took A Bullet Meant For Me LP  Tresor Records

Shit and Cheap    Tits and Wheels EP                  Scandinavia Records

Neil Landstrumm  The Observer EP                     Neue Heimat Records

Neil Landstrumm  Glamourama EP                      Tresor Records

Si Begg Meets Neil Landstrumm  Restoration EP   Mosquito Records

Neil Landstrumm / Jeremy Blake / Mike Fellow  The Fourty Million Dollar Beatnik LP     Scandinavia Records


Youngman & Landstrumm   Shot At Dawn EP    Scandinavia Records


Neil Landstrumm featuring The Horrorist  The Asphysxia EP  Music Man Records

Sugar Experiment Station    Scandinavia Sessions 2 EP       Pocket Records


Youngman & Landstrumm   Punch Bag EP       Leitmotiv Records


Youngman & Landstrumm   The Destroyaz EP    Input -Output Inc.

Neil Landstrumm aka The Tokyo Assassin   The Life Of Grime EP  Scandinavia Records

Sugar Experiment Station   Sweet Fang EP         Scandinavia Records

Neil Landstrumm and SES  Fighting Spirit EP     Iron Oxide


Youngman & Landstrumm  Who Stole Bill’s Jacket EP   Feinwerk Records

Neil Landstrumm                  Factory Revival EP         Scandinavia Records

Neil Landstrumm       Kids Wake Up EP                      Planet Mu Records


Neil Landstrumm       Restaurant Of Assassins LP   Planet Mu Records

Neil Landstrumm & Tobias Schmidt     Heavy Makeup EP     Feinwerk

Beckett & Taylor / Neil Landstrumm     Signals 004 7″     Uncharted Audio


Neil Landstrumm     Empire on a Fiver EP                Stuff Records

Neil Landstrumm     Lord for £39 LP                          Planet Mu Records


Neil Landstrumm    Bambaataa Eats His Breakfast LP    Planet Mu Records

Neil Landstrumm versus Ebola  / Sugar Experiment Station   Acid House James May EP   Combat Recordings

C-Biscuit present Danny Diamond -Sound System White Noise (remix Neil Landstrumm + C-Biscuit) -Big Toes Hi Fi Records


Neil Landstrumm remix of DJ Shadow’s – Def Surrounds Us on his New Futility label via Island Records (100 copies)


Neil Landstrumm    Explicit 6 EP                                          Slidebar Recordings

Neil Landstrumm    Munich 72 EP                                       Feinwerk Records

Doubleheart             Salsa Apocalypso EP                        NonPlus Records


Neil Landstrumm   Night Train EP                                        Killekill Records

Neil Landstrumm / Matt Whitehead     Limited 20th Edition EP     Don’t Records

Doubleheart           Roca EP                                                Shipwrec Records

Shit & Cheap         Gotterdamerung EP                             Shipwrec Records

Neil Landstrumm  Killekill Megahits LP On The Pussers track    Killekill Records


Doubleheart             Roots EP                                           High Sheen Records

Neil Landstrumm     Montesa EP                                      Sneaker Social Club

Gutts                           GABOS EP                                       Horror Boogie Records

Neil Landstrumm     The Trial EP                                 Don’t Records

Neil Landstrumm     Dragon Under LP                            Sneaker Social Club

DL // MS // NL // PW  BROS003     EP                             Brothers Records


Neil Landstrumm     Like A Sultan EP                             RAWAX records